Pursuing, Persistent, and Passion

Introduction :

This blog post is about the Pursuit for happiness, Persistent, and Passion. Recently I have notice my generation are willing to take a dead-end job that is willing to pay more than the job they love. This forces them to settle for the job and never pursuit their initial dream.

Pursuit of Happiness :

The pursuit of happiness is not actually looking to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is in doing what you love to do; Whatever that might be !!! When you take that dead-end job you know you hate and can’t stand working in, you are lying to yourself. You aren’t just lying to yourself but sold your soul for the value of money. If you aren’t thrilled in waking up to go to work or can’t wait to get out of work, it is probably time to find another job with more meaning. You need to have passion to wake up in the morning and go through the entire day without looking at your watch every 5 minutes.

Passion :

Passion is the medicine that gives you the drive and direction to keep on pushing when you are tired. Having passion towards something can be tricky because external resources are feeding ideas on what you should love but we have to dig deep inside to identify it. I found my passion towards Cyber Security by asking myself if I had to do cyber security for the rest of my life, will I be as excited as I am today? If you think you can do it day in and day out without complaining, its probably what you love.

Persistent :

I have seen many of my friends fold and give up on the finish line because they didn’t have the will to keep on-going. If you are having a million thoughts on why you should quit, trace back to the reason why you started the run because you knew the consequences. Persistency is key to success. I say if you are alive on your LAST leg, KEEP FUCKING GOING because if there is a will, there is a way.

Closing :

It is hard to find actual happiness in a world filled with artifacts but you need to block it out and follow your true happiness which comes from passion and persistency.

Remember these rules :

Quote of the day :

“Nothing worth having comes easy”