Introduction :

After a fresh installation of a Fedora distribution, it is recommended by best practices to create a separate user to manage the system. In the case you do need privileged access, Use sudo.This allows for simple auditing and tracking features. It is also best to disable root. We will show how to do these in this tutorial. Let’s start with the syllabus.

Syllabus :

+Open up a terminal.

title="Opening up terminal"

Add User fox, create group ssh, add user to group ssh:

First, create user fox and then create group ssh. After that is done, add user fox to its secondary group ssh.

useradd fox, groupadd ssh, and usermod -aG sshd felix.

add user fox and add to group sshd

passwd fox.

add password to user

If you have any questions on any of this please leave a comment below and I can provide and adjust the blog to your understanding.


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Reference :

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