Introduction to the man pages

The command line tool man explains and provides guidances on how to operate Unix-based systems/tools. I want to do my first blog post on the man pages because its a foundation to future blog posts. Knowing about this essential tool will equip people with a better understanding of how to find information about a specific tool and how it can be used.

Manual sections

The manual also known as man is split into 8 standard sections organized by categories. These standard sections of the manual are :

These categories will help you find the manual entry you need for the task you acquire. An on-line tool to search tools by section is Man Sections. The command line version to search by sections is man -s <section> intro.

Standardized layout for the man pages

There is standardized documentation layout for the man pages. The man pages documentation are as followed :

Example :

Example of Man SSH screenshot
man ssh - This example shows the name, synopsis, description.

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